Ship of Fire by Michael Cadnum

Joey Quinlan 3/9/15


Author: Michael is an American poet and novelist. He has written more than thirty books for adults, teens and children. He is best known for his adult suspense fiction, and young adult fiction based on myths, legends, and historical figures

Book: Published January 2013. Based on the attack of 1587


"Is there no peace-loving man," asked Anne, "aboard this ship?"

"Board her before she sinks!" cried Drake

"My mother and I will be safe, wont we, when the sea battle begins?" asked Anne

These quotes are important because they show the scared life people lived on these boats. It talks about no peace the idea that a battle is the solution. Anne is scared for her life, she doesn't know if will make it back home. Drake's shows the dangers when in battle because ships sink and you may be left stranded.

Details that make this story interesting

Cadnum is a very gruesome and naturalistic writer. The details in this story are interesting because Cadnum puts Thomas in the attack of 1587 like he actually was there. Cadnum's details involve the five senses. He implements smells, and sounds making the story come to life. Details including them fighting the Spanish fleet and escaping safely make this story interesting.

Historical References

This book is a historical reference to the Cadiz raid of 1587. Thomas is on the Elizabethan Bonaventure. Thomas and Drake fight against the Spanish fleet. The ship on fire on the cover is a historical reference because countries would set ships on fire to send towards their enemies so that anything in its path would be set on fire and destroyed.

Joey Quinlan


I think this is a very good book because it is very involved. Throughout the book you will never get bored because you are learning something new on every page. This is a book for people that like history and suspense.