Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin That reality evolution

Charles Darwin , began studying geology university and in the university

born in 1809, . He was not kind , but nevertheless his teachers loved him and took him on tours in the wild . One of the things that most influenced him was a visit to the archipelago Galafgos . He noticed that each island , lives a different species of the animal . Species were similar to each other , but to his amazement he discovered that the differences between them were not incidental : they adapted living environment of each island. . The book was written world hunger and poverty are the law of nature : the result of more rapid growth of humans compared to the limited amount of food .

His conclusions were :

It can not be enough food for all the humans .

Any person to take care of himself , and who did not succeed in that - would not survive . Darwin did not rush to publish his ideas . For 22 years since he returned from his trip , he studied ( ten thousand ! ) Species of animals and fossils , to test his theory on each side . Only then , in 1859 , published his " Origin of Species " .

The book caused a major uproar . All first edition was sold in one day. The next book , " The Descent of Man ," argued Charles man and apes originated from an ancestor one , like a monkey , and he caused an even bigger uproar .

Today, Darwin's theory accepted by most scientists in the world . Charles Darwin died at the age of 73 in 1882. He was buried at Newton .

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