Welcome To Texas

looking to start a new life? than come on down to Texas

People from all over the place like Arkansas,Tennessee,Kentucky,and Missouri come to the beautiful state of Texas. We have very cheap land with no actual authority that collect taxes. Settlers that have organized schooling and church services so that the men and women can get an education,and more.

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1825 Colonization laws

1. All foreigners who wish to settle in the state are welcome. The state will protect their living and their property .

2. Government official will do nothing to block settler from making a living. Settlers must promise to obey the states laws

5. Settlers must prove that they are Christians, act morally, and have good habits

7. No settlement can be placed within 60 miles of the United States. No settlement can be placed within 30 miles of the gulf coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

26. Settler who don't farm the land or live on it within six years of receiving it will no longer own the land.

32. For the first ten years, settlers will not have to pay taxes.

So if your looking for a new job, cheap land, no taxes, school, church, or just want to live in a GREAT community with GREAT people than........