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Week Ending: April 24, 2015


This week is all about celebrating! As we reflect with gratitude on how richly blessed our students are to have each of you in their lives...as we smile with thankfulness that you have chosen to be here....

Our hats are off to you.

Our office staff, who keep things running and "save the day" more times than we can count.

Our teachers, who dedicate their lives to designing experiences and lessons that will last a lifetime.

Our paraprofessionals, who do so much for our kids (and teachers) each and every day.

Our custodial crew, who are here early in the morning and late into the night to make sure the learning environment at OSE is clean and safe.

Our cafeteria workers, who arrive early each day and work to ensure our kids get a healthy and nutritious meal.

Our nurse, who cares so well for our kids and staff even when the days get hectic.

Our dearest Quinn, who quickly solves all of our technology problems (and stops a few meltdowns), so that we can continue on with teaching and learning.

Our counselor, who fills our days with positive energy and kindness.

Our librarian, who brings such joy to the staff and students.

Our instructional specialists, whose expertise ensures that our kids get what they need to succeed.

And in special recognition of:

  • 2015 OSE Teacher of the Year Nikki Robison

2015 District Employee Awards Finalists

  • Counselor of the Year Barbara Sutton
  • Instructional Aide of the Year Barbara Lau
  • Child Nutrition Services Brandi Holston

Years of Service Pin Recipients

  • Liv Dunaway, Linda Eason and Sabrina Royal (20 years)
  • Pam Perkins and Jacqui Van Meter (15 years)
  • Tiffany Emory (10 years)
  • Lisa Clark and Nikki Robison (5 years)

In keeping with National Poetry Day, here is a poem for all of you, along wtih a special song at the end of this Smore dedicated to the exceptional OSE Staff. Thank you for all you do every day...know that you are changing lives and impacting the world each and every day.

How To Really Love A Child

by SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

Be there.

Say yes as often as possible.

Let them bang on pots and pans.

If they're crabby, put them in water.

If they're unloveable, love yourself.

Realize how important it is to be a child.

Go to a movie theatre in your pajamas.

Read books out loud with joy!

Invent pleasures together.

Remember how small they are.

Giggle a lot.

Suprise them.

Say no when necessary.

Teach feelings.

Heal your own inner child.

Learn about parenting.

Hug trees together.

Make loving safe.

Bake a cake and eat it with no hands.

Go find elephants and kiss them.

Plan to build a rocketship.

Imagine yourself magic.

Make lots of forts with blankets.

Let your angel fly.

Reveal your own dreams.

Search out the positive.

Keep the gleam in your eye.

Mail letters to God.

Encourage silly.

Plant licorice in your garden.

Open up.

Stop yelling.

Express your love.

A lot.

Speak kindly.

Paint their tennis shoes.

Handle with caring.

Children are miraculous!

Thank you all for being a part of this wonderful journey. It is an honor to work alongside each of you. The song below goes out to each of you. So stop what you're doing, turn it up, and know that this is playing just for you!

Kelly & Traci

Andrew Gold - Thank You For Being A Friend with lyrics

See You Tonight! Let's Party, STARS!

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LISD Awards Banquet

Friday, April 24th, 6pm

2334 International Parkway

Dallas, TX