Ghetto Cowboy

G. Neri

by: Andres Larrazabal

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Plot Outline

Exposition: Setting: Chester Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

TE: "Where we going?" I asked. "Mama-" She chokes it out "Philadelphia."

- pg 2

Characters: Cole, Harper, Tex, Jamaica Bob, Smush, Snapper, Big Dee, Caramelo, Leroy

Horses: Lightning, Boo

Rising Action: There was a storm and it crashed Chester Av. The government went there the next day and saw that Chester Avenue was destroyed because of the storm and the horses looked like the were taken cared of harshly so when they say that they basicly said "OK, these horses look bad, so we are going to take them." Even though they knew it was because of the storm

TE: I move closer and here the suit say, "Due to the conditions of this facility, I'm going to have to confiscate the horses that look look malnourished." - pg 129-130

Climax: Cole, Smush, and Snapper went to the woods to go rescue the horses, but there were guards. They had to sneak in the pen where the government kept the horses when the guards weren't looking or weren't there. They managed to sneak in because they thought all of the guard were gone. Most of them were but there was one upstairs! There were more than 3 horses that they had to save. And also they didn't have any saddles or leads to take the horses.

TE: Suddenly, we hear a noise from upstairs. Definitely the sound of footsteps. Smush peeks in the door. "Cuz, we ain't got time for no reunions. We got to get them outta here." The horses don't got no saddles but we don't have time to saddle them up anyways. - pg 158-159

Falling Action: Cole, Smush, and Snapper went back to Chester Avenue and return the horses. The day after the government goes to Chester Avenue to destroy the town and the people stared arguing with each other, and they protested.

TE: A bulldozer comes around the corner, followed by a coupla big dump trucks and a few black cars. You can see the look of disbelief on the drivers' faces when they see us. - pg 182

Resolution: Cole was downstairs, in the kitchen, he looked back at the door and saw his mom. They were both very exited to see each other, but then Harper walked in. Them three made a plan, in the school year Cole stays with him mom in Detroit, and in the summer he stays with his dad in Philly.

TE: I hear the door open and shut again, so I shout, "Don't tell me you changed your mind?" "Yeah, Cole. I did." I whip around and almost dropped my bowl. Mama.


The conflict is Man vs. Society, because the people in Chester Avenue are fighting against the government to keep their town and/or horses.


The theme/moral of Ghetto Cowboy is to always do what is right, because Cole was doing bad stuff, like skipping school, and because of that his mom left him with his dad in Philly. When he was in Philadelphia he did good stuff because he learned his lesson, and more stuff turned out better for him.

Character Analysis

Protagonist: Cole is a protagonist because he is the main character of the story and he never did anything bad he just tried to help his town.

Antagonist: The government is the antagonist because they tried to destroy Chester Avenue and tried to take all their horses.

Facts About African-American Jockeys

  1. The 1875 winner, Aristides, was ridden and trained by African Americans
  2. African-American jockeys dominated the early history of the Triple Crown
  3. Isaac Murphy won 44% of his races
  4. Jimmy Winkfield won the Kentucky Derby in 1901 & 1902

Setting Explination

If Cole wasn't in Philadelphia the story would not have been about horses and saving them.