The Time for Rebellion is Now!

By: Soham Rawal

It is time to step to step up to the British who have held us down for so long! We should no longer keep our mouths shut as whatever limited freedom we had to begin with is rapidly fading away. I, as a colonist, believe that the British have imposed their dominance upon us for too long, and it is only a matter of time until we are fully shut down. It is essential we revolt now.

First and foremost, we have no real voice in the decisions made that affect our everyday lives. As people, we are losing rights at an alarming rate. Additionally, the British are now taxing us for the purpose of revenue, not regulation. It is immoral to lay down tax after tax upon us modest colonists who do not deserve these atrocities. At this point it is safe to say that our sole purpose is to exist in servitude to the British. We cannot remain loyal to a country that has degraded us to a land of revenue which only the British truly prospers from.

The question arises of the consequences of parting from the British. In my opinion, I believe that we would be better off without the British since in the status quo they profit off of our goods whereas we do not. If we were to continue the same trading with other countries such as France or Spain, we would be significantly more profitable. Also, we would not be unprotected without the British. As a united group of colonies, we would be able to set up our own systems parallel to those seen within Britain.

Overall, I know that parting ourselves from the British will have good end results. We have gone too long being subjugated to their rule and it cannot be tolerated any longer. Since we can prevail without the British, it is only further reason to lead the revolution right now. Thus, we colonists need to join, or die.