Personality Type: True Colors

By Cannon Ritzler

People who are a blue are the people who are outgoing. The blue people are the ones who care for others they help everyone they can. They will try and keep a relationship and look for peace. They have a creative mind and don't care what others think. Appreciate helping others and helping other people win not always trying to beat the other person. They influence others so they may lead more significant lives.Wants to have others express there own views.

Thoughts about my color blue

The three characteristics about blue that go with me are the outgoing, creative, and helping others. I am outgoing and I don't care what people think. I am creative in the many things I do I create fun ways to do things. I am good at helping others i like to help people i want to help people. I wasn't much like the the competitive it says that they wanted to help people more than winning the game and i rather win the game instead of helping the other team to win. At the job i do like to interact and work with people more than just working alone.At work I could be more active to help people. Im more open to them and creating ideas.