career project

law, public safety, corrections and security


law, public safety, corrections and security all have something to do with criminal/justice a judge or anything with fire services. It is a good job for someone with physical strength and the mental ability to cope with the problems people will bring to your attention

daily task and responsibility

The tasks and responsibilities you will have to deal with are that you will be responsible for the crime that goes on. you have to resolve the problem and deliver justice. Also your task is to protect others. If you fail at your job things can go bad and there will be high crime rates

related jobs

avg. salary for police officer-$56,980 per year $27.40 per hour


the training is mostly physical, because you have to know how to gain control over a person without causing them too much harm. You have to learn the laws and rights that people have to follow, in order to make sure people are following them.

prefered job skills

Honest- tell the truth and don't lie about what you see or do

Dedicated- you have to want to do this job or else things wont be done the right way

patient- sometimes you have to wait for things to happen to make sure it doesn't happen again