Quadratic Relations

Everything you need to know!

Multiplying Binomials

You use the distributive property to expand binomials. You can also use the foil. This method stands for F- first O-outside I-inside L-last. But the distributive property works for everything. (x+a) (x+b)= x^2+bx+ax+ab

Common Factoring

Factoring is the opposite of expanding. If every term of a polynomial is divisible by the common constant it is called common factoring.

ab+ac= a(b+c) >> This is common factoring << 4(x+5)= 4x+20

A polynomial is not considered to be completely factored until the Great Common Factor (G.C.F) has been figured out.


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SImple Trinomials: x^2+bx+c

Complex Trinomials: Ax^2+bx+c

Factoring by Grouping

Completing Squares



=(x-2) (x+2)




Questions. Try it :)

  1. 1.) (x+2) (x+5)
  2. 2.) (x-4) (x+7)
  3. 3.) (2x+7)2
  4. 4.) 8x2+8x+16
  5. 5.) -24x3y4-6x2 y3+18x2y5
  6. 6.) x2+11x+28
  7. 7.) x3-1
  8. 8.) 6x2 (1-x2)+7x (1-x2)+2 (1-x2)
  9. 9.) (2x+1)2- (4x-3) (4x+3)