Unique and Friendly

The Basics

  • Location: Southwest part of the Balkan Peninsula, in Southeast Europe.
  • Weather: Winters are cool, wet, and cloudy. Summers are hot, clear, and dry. Potential hazards include tsunamis, floods, and droughts.
  • Climate: Mild temperate.
  • Two Physical Characteristics: The Shkumbin River, The North Albanian Alps

How To Fit In

  • Language(s): Albanian (98.8%), Greek (0.5%), other languages (0.7%)
  • Folkways: Generosity, hospitality, being married, and having children
  • Taboos: Homosexuality, adultery
  • Values: Freedom, heroism, marriage, and family
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  • Subcultures: Northern Albanians (Ghegs) and Southern Albanians (Tosks)
  • Culture Landscape: Italian TV has influence along the Adriatic Coast. Albania has many meat-oriented foods. The society is patriarchal. A majority of the people are Muslim, but some are Christian. Weddings are taken very seriously, and can last for several days. Marriages are often arranged at an early age.
  • Cultural Diffusion: People inhabiting the neighboring country, Kosovo, are mainly Albanian.
  • Culture Change: All religious observances were prohibited in 1967, but began to be re-allowed in 1990. Albania used to be under Communist rule. Much of Albania's traditional architecture disappeared in the years 1944-1990.
Shanna Pirness, Hour 6

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