Smartwatches in your classroom. Stay informed.

They're already here...

The device may change in the future, but wearing technology isn't going away. Progress is showing up in smaller and smaller devices, and you can't blame the tech companies for innovation. Whether it's a watch today or glasses tomorrow, these technologies can communicate with ease and invisibility.

As a teacher, keep an eye out for the following smartwatches and stay ahead of the game. Ultimately, it's your decision whether or not to allow them in your learning environment, but here's a short list and their capabilities to help you decide whether they are of value or a villain in your classroom. They may not look like smartphones, but they can do almost everything a smartphone can.

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The Apple Watch

  • Syncs with iPhone to get any and all notifications from available apps
  • Send sketches to others wearing apple watches; no record after disappearing
  • Check email, texts, twitter feed, etc. with the simple raising of your wrist
  • Has microphone, enabling the recording of voice messages


Digital Touch


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Apple Watch Support

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The Pebble Watch


  • Syncs with iPhone or Android to get any and all notifications from available apps
  • Check email, texts, and compatible social media messages
  • Some styles can reply


Pebble Time (one of three styles available)

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Android Wear


  • Works with Android phone or iPhone to receive notifications from various apps
  • Say "OK Google" to ask any question or check off To-Dos
  • Respond to messages right from watch


Intro. to Android Wear-Developer Preview

Android Wear and iOS

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Android Wear Website

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Samsung Galaxy Gear


  • Make and answer calls hands-free
  • Check texts, emails, and updates from compatible Samsung Galaxy apps


Samsung Galaxy Gear S Review

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Galaxy Gear Styles

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What You Can Do

Device Box

Keep a device box or location at the front of your room where students place them during class and pick them up before leaving.

Safe Zone

Students are asked to place all devices at the top of the their table or desk in the "safe zone" until BYOD activities or until class is over. This keeps them visibly out of hands during class.

See & Take

Let students know that your policy is that if you see it, you take it. They keep them out of sight or in their lockers. With watches, they would take them off and put them away or leave them in their locker as well during class.

Hudson City School Policies

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