Pilgrim Gr 2 ELA and MATH

November 20, 2015

Mr. Yearick writes:

This week was a little shorter for some of us. We had a fun time at St. Paul Dorchester on Wednesday, and we only had half the class on Friday for ELA, as Mrs. H's class was at the CSO. We were productive while we were here, though! We discussed how to identify a noun, worked more with contractions, made predictions, and read the fairy tale, "Rumpelstiltskin". We tackled some long 'i' rhymes that use "igh" and "ie", and we made a silly little song with them that you can listen to at the link below.


Next week we'll finish a personal narrative about a personal accomplishment, and do some more grammar work on IXL with our iPads. It'll be an even shorter week!

This week in MATH...

Big image
Thanks to all who contributed food items to our Pilgrim Kids Care Project!

How much does a Thanksgiving feast cost?

Here's your coming homework...

Write your family's menu for your Thanksgiving feast. We will then use our best math skills to discover and estimate the total cost.