Art Project 4th Quarter

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A reflection on your growth as an artist this year A reflection on these questions

The reflection of my growth this year is I got the confidence to create or to make something. When first time you required us to make any project I was not confident enough to pick anything and start to create it.

Which project you are most proud of and why

I am proud of the project that I created for the second marking period. I almost had no Idea what I will create to get a point, I mean to done something and get a grade for the second marking period, finally I decided to create the table. To create the table the tools I used were all from the maker space, some of them were surprised for me because I never saw like those stuff in my home and it helps me to make my project perfect and get a good grade.

What kind of Art you want to make next

The kind of Art I would like to make for the next is using clay, I mean I would like to try making art without drawing, mixing, using wood, and painting.

What kind of Art inspires you the most and why

The kind of art that inspires me is the art I use to create my second marking period. Because I learned a lot that could help me more in my future. For example, if I own a house and have some damages, like if my dinner table gets damage and the experience I already have will help me to fix or to know how I should remake the table to be more stable. And that is the web that could take me to the table that inspires. m.
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The projects I have done in the past marking periods

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second marking period project

This project was my favourite project I have done, I learn a lot from making it. I was using the maker space to accomplish this table. I learned all the tools we use to create tables and also how to use it. So in conclusion making that table helps me to learn a lot that the other project.