The story of Creation

The story of how God created Earth and all things on it.

What happens in the story?

God created the Earth and all life on it, within 7 days. On the first day, He made day and night. The following day, He made the sky. On the third day, He created land and ocean. On the next day, He made the sun, moon and stars. On the fifth day, God created animals. On the sixth, he made humans. Then finally, on the last day, he rested. This day was Sunday, and it shall forever be known as the Sabbath day.

What does the story teach us about ourselves and others?

The story teaches us that we are God's Creations and live on God's Creation. We should be grateful to God and not take anything for granted.

What does this story teach us about God?

The story teaches us that God is great because he can create life and death. He is the Heavenly One.

How can this story help us to make good choices today?

This story helps us to make good choices today because it makes us realise that we are just God's creations and should stay that way.

How has this story influenced either Judaism?

This has influenced Judaism with the Hebrew scriptures, that talk about the Creation of the World and how powerful God is.