Ronald McDonald House (Global)

Fred Hill

What Fred Hill has done to help his community

When Fred Hill saw his neighbors building a hospital and inspired him to make a hotel.I like how Fred Hills thinks over other people.

Impact on the community

The Ronald McDonald house provides houses for people that have children that are really ill and need a place to stay.

background information on Fred Hill

wife-Fran,daughter-Kim,birth date-11/19/1939,education-BS,California Polytechnic University,home-City-Richardson,TX,Political Experience-Representative,Texas.State house of representatives,1988-2008 member,Richardson independent school district board or trustees professional experience president, Fred Hill incorporated.Fred was the coach for the northwest wildcats basketball team,he had a 47 - 77 record in for years at Rutgers

what can i do

I can donate money, I can go to houses & ask for money for the Ronald McDonald house ,I can pick up around my neighborhood and the high way, I can pick up trash in front and back of people's yards, I can make a group,I can raise ask people and earn money for the Ronald McDonald house.I can ask people for money for MS - Heavenly Hats - Ronald McDonald house & much more I can even make a stand for money for all that stuff too! I love helping people it is nice & fun. I can pick weeds for a lot of people.If you want to help save some lives donate can tops to the Ronald McDonald's House, please help the people that are ill pleeeeeeease help
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All About Me

I'm rayne & I'm in 4th grade i go to Howard Elementary i love dogs. i have two cats and three siblings, there names are Kayla, airyn, & Francis.Francis is my brother, Kayla is my big sister and airyn is my little sister.