Community Supported Agriculture

What it is and how it helps

What it is

Community Supported Agriculture is a community who supports farmers by buying a share of their crops per season. This way the farmers have support to keep their farms running, and the share-holders get the freshest produce possible.
The 2007 Census of Agriculture reported more than 12,500 farms selling their product through CSA.
Q: What's a CSA? A: Community Supported Agriculture

How it helps

This business interaction is beneficial to both the farmer and the share holder. The farmer is able to get paid before the season starts and small farmers have a flow of customers. The share holders also receive many benefits from this relationship. They get the guarantee that they are getting fresh produce and they only have to pay once in the beginning of the season. Both parties are also able to develop a relationship with the customers or the farmer.

Businesses Who Support CSA


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