No Scoutmaster Required!

Backpack Materials for a Survival KIt

Surviving Is Easy... When Your Prepared!

This is need to know information! Never be unprepared in the Tropics again!

Basic Needs

If your going to a tropical island You should have AT LEAST a weeks worth of water. Some Water Purification pills would be a good idea too incase you find a rivine or something on the island. Also, a big hunting knife or a machete or both would be also a good idea to get through all the vines or whatevers in your way.
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Water is the most important priority when in a survival situation. Second is fire. Fire is useful in a lot of ways. It cooks your food, it keeps u warm, it keeps the bugs away, and it helps the scared feeling when your all alone at night.
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Most people under estimate the jungle. But don't let its care you. If you panic that could lead the exhaustion and decrease your survival. There are a lot of dangerous thing you just need to know how to outsmart them. I would take some water purification pills for your river water, and i would also boil it to get rid of all the germs and pathogens. For water is your most important tool.
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