Where will we go in the USA?

FIRST, We will go to Miami.

Miami have a famous beach. We like beach. If we go to Miami, we decided to go to the beach. We decided skin tanning for attractive healthy skin. And, We were swimming. Florida beach like korea beach. Because beach is many of seagull.
Miami Beach

NEXT, We will go to San Francisco.

San Francisco have a beautiful street and bridge. We want to walk down the Lombard Street. Lombard Street has a twisty road. And beautiful flowers have been planted. Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge so beautiful. The night view is even more beautiful.
San Francisco's Lombard Street (in HD)

THE LAST, We will go to Los Angeles.

The center of the film industry in Los Angeles has Hollywood. The mountain in the background, we would like to take pictures. The Walk of Fame is in the Hollywood. In the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles we want to find the name of favorite actor. We want to see the night view of LA, So we want to go to the Griffith Observatory.
Walk of Fame & Stars in Hollywood, California

Who are we?