MYP Design Cycle

Learn about the Design Cycle in a quick, easy way!

What is the Design Cycle?

The Design Cycle is a tool for students, teachers, and all sorts of people! This cycle uses a step by step process to walk you through the process of creating a project or anything you can think of! In order to be successful while using the design cycle, all you need to do is follow the 4 simple parts of the Design Cycle; Inquiring and Analyzing, Developing Ideas, creating a Solution and Evaluating!

Ways to use the Design Cycle!

The First Stage of the Design Cycle! Inquiring and Analyzing!

This is your research stage! In this stage, you will research existing products, and the need for the project. Also, you will develop a design brief to help determine what your project must achieve, by when, and how. This is where you build your knowledge! Some helpful tools include: books, computers, and your brain!

The Second Stage! Developing Ideas!

This is the planning stage of the Design Cycle! In this stage you will decide what the end product of your project will be. The requires a lot of carefully thought ideas, and process of elimination.

The third stage! Creating the Solution!

This is where you actually get to dig in and create! This is my personal favorite part because you finally get to create your product that you have been planning and researching for! To begin you must create a plan. After this you start creating the product, however, when you are faced with a problem, try to justify the changes made!

The Final Stage! Evaluating!

In this stage, you get to test out your product and evaluate the successes and failures! This stage is where you learn from your mistakes and grow from them.


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