Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

March 20th, 2015

Important Dates

Spring Break

March 23rd-March 27th

No School

Friday, April 3rd


Math helps me learn more stuff and be a better learner and get good grades.We are learning about fractions and length. We also do math games like "Fraction Of", which is my favorite. We did a math test and it seemed a little easy. My favorite things about fractions are we add

and subtract them. We also multiply big numbers. Sometimes fractions are hard, but not always.

By: Zyon


In gym this week we were in the 5th grade multi-purpose room doing cup stacking. We were doing the foursquare cup stacking and it was very hard since I'm not that good at cup stacking. Then yesterday we went into the big gym and we played a game where who ever was the fastest moved up where the other person was and faced the person in front of them. Today we played a game where someone was a ball catcher and had to catch one ball in the bucket and with their partner they had to put the ball on their forehead and carry it to the other side of the gym. It took a long time because you can't use your hands to hold the ball. So it was a challenge for us, but it was also very fun for us to play the game in gym. It also helped us learn more about team work.

And that's what we did this week in gym.

written by Anthony Bieri


For this newsletter I'll be telling you about reading, grammar, and writing. This week in writing we have made adventure stories about different adventures. For example my adventure was about a haunted mansion. To write a good adventure story you need to bring in the reader by using good adjectives. For grammar we have been learning about different contractions and about double negatives. For example some negatives are no and not, and you can't use two in a sentence. For the contraction side of it we have learned about different contractions like didn't, don't, and aren't. For reading we had a new story it was called Encyclopedia Brown. We also had a reading and spelling test for reading and spelling and hopefully everyone did good on their test.

By:Anthony Edge

News Article about Art

This week we had a fabulous time in art and this is why. We are learning about molas and all about their stitching and how they are made. Connoa women make these molas and they are ranked by how fabulous their work is and stitching is. Connoa women come from a different country called Columbia and around tropical areas too. In art we are making molas too. In art we are drawing them on a brown piece of thin paper instead of making them out of yarn and other fabric. Ms.Adams[our art teacher] said that connoa woman don't really like people taking pictures of them because they think there is a devil in the camera. I hoped you enjoyed me talking about what has be happening in art as much as I did.

by: Audrey Susan Campos