John Bell

Preservation of this Great Nation!

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John Bell is the presidential candidate for the Constitutional Union Party. The Constitutional Union Party remains neutral on slavery and simply wishes to preserve the Union. John Bell is an excellent candidate for president due to his experience in the House of Representatives, Senate, and as Secretary of State.


As a slaveholder himself, John Bell is not opposed to slavery; however, he does want to allow slavery to expand into new territories. John Bell has repeatedly fought to restrict slavery to where it already exists and prevent it from spreading into new land that hasn't been exposed to the institution.

Constitutional Union Party

Consisting of mostly former Whigs, the Constitutional Union Party is a great choice for voters wishing to find a coalition of like minded individuals that fight to preserve the union. Preserving the Union is the utmost importance to the Constitutional Union Party and not allowing slavery to divide it is one of the top priorities.

Southern Secession

While John Bell does not believe that the South should secede from the Union, he does believe it is their right. If the South was to secede he would not oppose them. However, his primary goal is preserving the Union.
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This advertisement was paid for and sponsored by Edward Everett, running mate of John Bell.