Prescription Depressants

By Amber Kelly

What are prescription depressants?

Depressants are drugs that slow down or tranquilize the normal activity in the brain or spinal chord.

How are they abused?

They are abused when someone takes them for fun, takes another person's prescription, or taking them with a drug that counters the effects of the drugs, like stimulants.

How do they affect the brain?

The drug slows brain activity and causes some type of relaxing affect. They're used to help people sleep or to calm anxiety.

What are other effects of prescription depressants?

These drugs can cause slurred speech, shallow breathing (sometimes leading to overdose or death), sleepiness, and disorientation or lack of coordination.

Can you get addicted?

Yes, because abuse of prescription depressants can lead to physical dependence.

Can you die from using prescription depressants?

Yes, death is a possibility when using prescription depressants. The risk of death is higher when combined with alcohol or other drugs.

How many teens abuse the drug?

In their life time 3.00 8th graders, 5.80 10th graders, and 6.90 12th graders will abuse prescription depressants.

What should you do if someone needs help?

You should call the national suicide hotline or the substance abuse treatment facility locator.

What classification does your drug belong in?

These belong in the depressant or prescription drug category.
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