Massage Therapist

Greg Scantlebury

A Massage Therapist

Massage therapist manipulate the muscles and the soft tissues of the human body. they do this because it produces relaxation and other health benefits for their clients. there are over 80 different types therapy.


they get license within their states to work on their patients

When the want to get certified they have go through the national certification board for therapeutic massage and body work or the (NCBTMB) they administer test to see your skills in the massage therapy

Daily work of a Massage Therapist

talk to clients about symptoms and medical history desired result

evaluates clients to find out tenses and painful spots on the body

manipulate the muscles and other soft tissue

provide clients with tips about stretching strengthening and overall relaxation

Documents clients and condition


AMTA recommends that they have a minimum of 500 hundred hours supervised of in class initial massage therapy training, witch includes anatomy and physiology.


35.970 per year

17.29 hour

Skills needed

Coherent you need to be able to speak to their clients, so they know whats wrong with them and what your going to do to help them.

Active listener they will need to be attentive and understand what the client is telling them about their body.

they also need to be social perceptive they need to know how the client feels when the are massaging them

work environment

the Environment varies depending on the facility that they work at. Some of the location that they work at are fitness clubs massage franchises physical therapy offices chiropractors offices hospitals or other caring offices luxury resorts and spas shopping malls and private practice.

Job Outlook

the outlook is 23% from 2012 to 2022