By: Dan 6/9/15 D2

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a lung condition that causes difficulty breathing. Asthma can be controlled with proper care.


Fact 1 - Asthma affects the bronchial tubes - also know as airways

Fact 2 - 25.9 million people have Asthma

Fact 3 - People with asthma have difficulty breathing at times. When this happens it is called an asthma flare-up

Fact 4 - An asthma flare-up can last several hours or longer if a person doesn't use their medicine

Fact 5 - When a flare-up is finished then that person feels better

Fact 6 - No one actually knows how people get asthma but, experts think that it could happen from genes and environmental factors

Fact 7 - Patients with Asthma reported 13.9 million visits to a doctor's office and 1.4 million visits to hospital outpatient departments

Fact 8 - Things that set-off asthma flare-ups are called triggers. Triggers are different for different people. Common trigger are

  • Allergens
  • Exercise
  • Weather
  • Etc

Fact 9 - People who have asthma tend to find out when they are kids

Fact 10 - To find out if someone has asthma, doctors run test like peak flow meter

Five things a person should do or shouldn't do

  1. You need to take your inhaler if you are having symptoms
  2. Asthma is more common than it uses to be. If people play sports and have asthma you might see them use an inhaler because it open ups your airways
  3. Try to avoid anything that can cause an Asthma attack
  4. You shouldn't panic if you are having an Asthma attack because it can make it harder to breathe
  5. If you are having an Asthma attack make sure to tell an adult

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