Mrs. Patrick's December Newsletter

Important Dates

Thursday, December 3: 4H Gardening 2 bite club assembly 8:30 (students will sample the foods they have grown in our gardens)

Monday, December 7: Winter PALS assessment for 2nd grade

Tuesday, December 8: Economics Test

Wednesday, December 15: Diversity and Voting Test

Thursday, December 17: Unit 4 math test (data, graphing, probability).

Friday, December 18: Christmas Around the World and Gingerbread Day

Monday December 21- Wednesday, January 6: Winter Break

Vocabulary Enrichment from November

November words





picture graph



bar graph

natural resource

human resource

capital resource



December Book Report

This month, students will have a book report centered around a Book Cover. The report will be due December 18th. Instructions and a rubric will be sent home this week. If your child needs construction paper to complete the assignment, simply have them request it prior to the due date. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS READING EACH AND EVERY NIGHT AT LEAST 20 MINUTES OR MORE.

We are are leaning about this month

Writing: Students are learning about types of sentences and punctuation (., !, ?) and when to use each type of ending punctuation. Students are also working on friendly letter writing and expository writing as well as editing and revising.

MATH: Students are learning about data collection through questionnaires and surveys as well as reasons and needs to collect data. Students will then take the data and represent it through various graphs including bar graphs, picture graphs, pictographs, tally charts, tables and line plots. We will also study probably (chances/odd) and the logic compared to sheer chance related to probability.

Reading: We are continuing our study of non-fiction text including text features, connections, and comprehension.

Content: We are studying Economics focusing on the topics of bartering, scarcity, economic choice, goods, services, producers, consumer, natural, human and capital resources.

Gingerbread Day

We have had an overwhelming response to donating supplies to our Gingerbread House Event. Many people have already brought things in and we only need very few items at this point. Those items include: smarties, 4 boxes grahams, cereal, M&M's Mike 'n Ikes. Everything else is covered! Thank you all for your support!