Swann Lion Times

Your Weekly Update about our Lion Pride!

What Our Lions Are Learning

In 6th grade, our Lions are working on nets and area in Math; early civilizations in Social Studies; chemical and physical change in Science; and figurative language, deciphering unknown words, and citing evidence in ELA.

In 7th grade, our Lions are studying weather in Science, proportional relationships in Math, setting and characterization in ELA, and human rights in Social Studies.

In 8th grade, our Lions are learning about the foundational principles of the NC and US constitutions in Social Studies, setting and characterization in ELA, fossils and genetics in Science, and triangle geometry in Math.

See if your Lion can tell you about the activities they've done to master their standards!

6th Grade Math Moment

6th grade mathematicians concluded their Unit 1 study this week. Challenge your student to look at the net here.
  1. Explain what is wrong with the net.
  2. Draw a net that can be assembled into a rectangular prism.
  3. Create another net for the same prism.
Can they explain their reasoning? For more information about Open Up 6th Grade Units, click here!

7th Grade Math Moment

7th grade mathematicians worked on representing proportional relationships with graphs this week. See if your student can use what they've learned this week to examine this graph that represents a proportional relationship.

  1. Come up with a situation that could be represented by this graph.
  2. Label the axes with the quantities in your situation.
  3. Give the graph a title.
  4. Choose a point on the graph. What do the coordinates represent in your situation?

For more information about Open Up 7th Grade Units, click here!

8th Grade Math Moment

8th grade mathematicians completed their Unit 1 study this week This diagram shows a square that has been made by images of a triangle under rigid transformations. Given that angle BAC measures 53 degrees, find as many other angle measures as you can. Can they explain their reasoning? For more information about Open Up 8th Grade Units, click here!

Encore Corner

This week our Lions created played football and dodgeball, practiced reading music, made graffiti-inspired name art, continued their family life units, and much more! Be sure to ask your students about all the experiences they have in their Encore classes this week!

STEM Stories

Our 7th grade physics students designed and tested bridges! They engineered their constructions from thread, glue, and popsicle sticks, and then added weights to see if their designs would bear the loads. Try designing your own bridges at home using objects you might have in your kitchen! Here's an example with marshmallows and toothpicks.

Noticias de Spanish Immersion

This week, Spanish Immersion students had the opportunity to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by learning about the importance of family and elders in Latino cultures. Before the hurricane, they planned to watch Coco as part of their study. If you have power and Disney+, watch it as a family this weekend! Discuss how family and the importance of ancestors is presented in the film. What similarities and differences are their to your own culture?

Go Lions!

This week, our soccer and volleyball teams celebrated wins, and our football team lost another hard-fought game against Southern. Join us next week to cheer on our Lion Pride! See the website here for the calendar.


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