The concept or person that led MacBeth to his demise was the witches. If they never contacted him none of this would have happened. He actually would probably have had a pretty good life. The book describes him as an amazing general who is greatly appreciated by the king. The king addresses Macbeth in manners such as, "O valiant Cousin! Worthy gentleman!" (Shakespear, 11). This shows the king's affectionate, praising, and respectful feelings towards Macbeth. Although Macbeth wouldn't have become king if the witches had told him what they did, he may have been promoted to another important position by Duncan, and also keep his sanity. Another reason that the witches caused it all was because they told him half truths. Macbeth was too naive to assume that the witches would do this, and too shallow of a thinker to find the real meaning behind what they told him. The witches new this, and they new he would be too blinded by what they told him to question them. For an example, the witches told him that he wouldn't be killed by a man born of a woman, but Macduff was "From his mothers womb untimely ripped" (Shakespear, 181). This shows that he Macduff wasn't naturally born, but was born of a C-section.