FDE Third Grade Weekly Update

Week of September 20 - 24, 2021


We have updated the format of the homework menu. Hopefully you were able to check it out last week. We thought this new format of "Must-do's" and "Pick One" would be easier to manage. Please make sure your child opens the homework posted in their teacher's Schoology homeroom course each week to see what to do each day.

Science Permission Click

Please look for an email from your child's teacher with information about a science permission click. We must have this filled out by parents for your child to participate in any science experiments for the school year. Thank you!
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Teacher Tips - How to help your child study for an upcoming summative assessment

Make sure your child spends about 10 minutes studying each day to prepare for the assessment. Here are some things your child can do to study:

1. Read the study guide and explain it to someone.

2. Make flashcards of important vocabulary. Draw pictures and use colors.

3. Have a parent ask questions about important topics.

4. Make a web of important ideas and words to know.

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Check ParentVue!

We encourage you to check ParentVue at least once a week so your child's grades are not a surprise come report card time. If you have any concerns or questions about the assignments and grades posted please reach out to your third grade teacher!
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What is Third Grade learning this week?


This week we will finish up our Building a Reading Life unit. We have been working on what to do when we have to "tackle the hurdle of hard words." We hope your child has really started to enjoy independent reading. We have been reading the book Stone Fox, by John Reynolds Gardiner, to the students. It is a wonderful story and we will finish that up next week also.

DRA's and PALS

Teachers are continuing to work on assessing students' reading with the DRA and PALS assessments. When we complete assessments in a few weeks we will start contacting parents about setting up fall conferences.


We are finishing up our Building a Writing Life unit and moving into to our first Pathways writing unit called "Crafting True Stories" which is on writing narratives.


This past week we have been working on expanded form and place value review. Next week we will move in to comparing and ordering numbers and then rounding.

Content - Science

We have finished up the scientific method unit and this week will continue with science with a unit on matter. This unit covers what is matter, the 3 states of matter, and how particles behave in solids, liquids and gases. We will also learn about mixtures and solutions.

The Amazing Third Grade Team!

Mrs. Jennifer Ager - Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Pam Anderson - Third Grade Teacher

Ms. Nizama Dervisevic - Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Anna Sloan - Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Amy Tucker - Third Grade Teacher

Ms. Courtney Wong -Third Grade Teacher

Ms. Keri Grossnickle - EL Teacher

Mr. Ryan Zimmerman - Resource Teacher

Mrs. Claudine Hanna - Resource Teacher