The Futile War

World War 1

A Letter From A Mother

The war is pointless and unfair in my opinion. My son was drafted and forced to be apart of the war. It is a war that we do not need to get involved in. My son could be injured or even killed for reasons he and the res of our family do not believe in. He could be taken prisoner and be tortured. I disagree with this war because it was all started because each country wanted to be the biggest and most powerful instead of just getting along. It is a dumb reason to go to war and it is unbelievable that much of the war is now involved.

A Childs Point of View

This War...

This war is bad

I am very mad

I am not glad

It is not rad

This war is dumb

It is worth a plum

As useful as already chewed gum

It hurts my bum

This war took Chad

He is my dad

Now I am sad

Come back dad

Cold Hard Facts

  • 65,038,810 Soldiers were deployed
  • 8,538,315 Deaths
  • 21,219,452 Soldiers were wounded
  • Steamboat was introduced and held a major role
  • Machine gun was a major weapon
  • Quinine introduced to help make gas
  • Triple Entente VS Central Powers