Saxton Awards 18.3.22

Rainbow and Values Awards


Rainbow Awards:

Amy Roach - for super piece of writing about the forest setting in the book "Journey"

Frankie Farthing-Sumner - for an amazing word bank full of exciting adjectives

Jacob Worsnop- for great questions...and answers in PHSCE about healthy lifestyles

George Willerton - for meeting the school target of looking after our school equipment

Ruby Wilton - for super observational drawing in science


Values Award:

Rhys Clutton - for always remembering to respect and look after our school equipment.

Rainbow Awards:

Sienna Leonard and Marcus Connell - for putting 100% effort into every lesson this week. You have shown great attitudes to your learning.


Rainbow Awards:

Joe Spencer - for a fantastic piece of writing about the features that should be included on a Mars space rover - such creative ideas! Well done Joe!