Tired of bookmarking web pages or having files on multiple school computers? Lear to use the virtual Edmodo Library to access anywhere and share the contents with anyone you want. The Edmodo Library has unlimited space and allows you to store, organize, share, and manage documents, all within your Edmodo account.


Before completing these tutorials, you will need to have created your own group, and have at least one student in that group. For help with creating a group and a practice student, complete the Introduction to Edmodo tutorial at: https://www.smore.com/e57u


Though Edmodo works on iPads, netbooks, and PCs, some of the teacher tools are not available on the iPad app. Therefore, a PC or netbook is recommended for teacher tasks.

STEPS 1 - 10

Go to the link below and follow the instructions to:

  • Add a Content to Your Library
  • Create a Folder
  • Share a Folder
  • Add Content to Your Folder
  • Rename or Delete a Folder
  • Delete a Folder or File from Your Library
  • Add Content to a Folder that You Don't Own
  • Create Favorites
  • Search and Filter