Staff Development - April 4th

Story Intermediate Staff

Objective for today - The staff will engage in professional development activities that will encourage them to communicate and receive feedback on strategies to implement in the classroom.

Agenda for the day:

Fundamental Five Talk - Next step Collaboration

The staff will engage in a collaboration activity by using brown bag activity.

Kahoot activity

Education research & gallery walk activity

Cover all teaching strategies presented this year in staff development

Goal setting & new evaluation system

Reminders about expectations

Lunch & plans for team meetings after lunch

Remember our theme for this year - YOU MATTER!!

You Matter New Video
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Collaboration - Fundamental Five

What are the misconceptions?
Effective Collaboration

Brown Bag Activity

The Activity

  • Each person will need a brown envelopes (one per teacher) and a stack of index cards at each table.
  • Answer the question "If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?" Draw a picture of that animal in the front upper-right-hand corner of the envelope. Give the animal a name.
  • Identify a problem for which they would like to solicit outside suggestions. Write in the middle of the envelope that instructional problem or situation
  • Examples:
    --- I would love to do cooperative learning, but how do you keep all of the students on task?
    --- I can't get my students to come in and automatically begin their "bell work." What can I do to make this a routine for them? I always have to remind them to get started on it.
    --- When I try to use manipulatives in math class, all they do is play with them. What can I do to get them to focus more seriously on the activity.
  • ----I cannot get my students to work in groups effectively without being off-task.

KAHOOT! - Great Way to Engage students!

Year 9 student waits to see if he answered correctly whilst playing Kahoot!
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Staff will read one of the articles and give an overview on chart paper.

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BRAINSTORM TEACHING STRATEGIES - Ones we have covered this year, ones you would like to try or ones you have tried.

SETTING GOALS - Lesson Study

The Pursuit of Happyness (5/8) Movie CLIP - Basketball and Dreams (2006) HD
Story RockSTAAR academy teacher dance

Thank you for all you do for our students!!!! YOU MATTER!!

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LUNCH BREAK!! Go enjoy yourself!!

Expectations Reminders

1. Students must be in dress code each day.

2. Staff must in professional dress each day with Friday being a jean day

3. Restroom passes - Monitor the amount of times they go unless medical issue provided

4. Have students need in class working. If they are disrupting the learning and you cannot redirect them, send them to the office.

5. Must have prior approval from administration to take students to addition recess or any outside activity other than their scheduled times.

6. Must have prior approval to show any movie that is not aligned with the TEKS.

7. Students need to be in the classroom assigned - Staff has a hard time finding students.

8. Lesson Plans posted