Ender Wigging rids us of the Buggers once and for all!!!!

Ender Wiggins Defeats the Buggers!

A young 11 year old boy, Ender Wiggin, in charge of the whole I.F. fleet, managed to outmaneuver and outsmart the buggers which eventually led to them being destroyed. Just yesterday, Wiggin prepared for his final battle against the buggers. He would position his ships for an attack on the buggers home planet. Wiggen used his intelligence and focus to destroy the bugger’s home planet, simultaneously killing all of their queens in the process.

Ender Wiggin, born a third, was asked to go to battle school at around six years of age. During that time he showed just how smart he was, and was able to get into command school at around the age of 10, which for any ordinary person would be extremely difficult and nearly impossible. But not for Ender. Ender, with only a couple months of training with his crew, managed to defeat the buggers and get rid of them for good. Thanks to Ender Wiggin, we no longer have to live in fear of the buggers.

Interview With Ender Wiggin

Hunter Ross interviews Ender Wiggin

Hunter: What was going on in your mind when you defeated the buggers?

Ender: At first, I didn’t know what to think. The people in charge of my training had never told me I was actually controlling their troops. They told me that it was a game, a simulation, that was meant to prepare me for the actual war. Not long after I had finished the battle, did I learn of what I actually did.

Hunter: How did you feel about them doing that to you?

Ender: I was angry at them. I felt that the bugger’s never intentionally tried to hurt us, they just didn’t know any better. They had manipulated me to do something that I would have never done, something that never had to be done in the first place. They made me make a whole species go extinct when the buggers never wanted to hurt us in the first place.

Hunter: How long had this manipulation been going on before the final event?

Ender: Probably since I was first aboard the shuttle to go to battle school when I was six years old. I remember one time, Colonel Graff, the man in charge of battle school, had singled me out on the shuttle in order to isolate me and help me work harder and become a great commander.

Hunter: What did you do after final battle and what did you do to try to fix the things you did?

Ender: I went away on the first colonization ship to the buggers home world. There I found the last remaining bugger queen in her pupa stage. She showed me how I could find a place for the buggers to live again and that has been my mission since.

Hunter: Why are you doing this?

Ender: I felt like I had done something wrong, and that I had to fix it. Even though I was manipulated into doing it, I still feel like it is my responsibility to help undo what I had done.

Obituary for Bonzo de Madrid

Bonzo de Madrid, a young commander in battle school, died from injuries that he got from a fight with a boy from another army there. Bonzo was of spanish descent and was filled with honor and pride. Bonzo was the commander of Salamander army while he spent his time in battle school. He had a recognizable battle record while at battle school, ranking his team high up on the school standings. Before Bonzo was sent up to battle school he used to live in Cartagena, Spain. Bonzo was a very one sided person and liked to do things his way and not look at other opportunities. He didn’t like to try anything new and tried to do everything his own way. Where Bonzo could have easily ganged up on the boy he fought, he chose to fight with honor and fought by himself. This would inevitably be the end of Bonzo, where he acquired several severe blows to the head, eventually leading to his death. Bonzo is survived by his two parents and will be remembered for his honor.