PreK News

September 15-19


Bulidings! This week we talked about buildings in our neighborhood. We used Google Earth to look at LeRoy and see what buildings are in our town! Storyteller has been fun this month...talking about places that are NOT in LeRoy. We have been using You Tube and the internet in general to look up the places the kids are talking about.


It was so nice to see everyone that was able to come to Open House and our Health and Wellness Expo! What a wonderful evening here at LES!

Thanks so much to The Replex and the fire station for allowing us to come in and take pictures of the buildings. We compared what we saw at both places. It was great for comparing, contrasting, and conversation!


Bear Hunt: A long time PreK favorite song! This bear has "Big green eyes and a fuzzy little tail!"

Story Problems: We did some math story problems with blocks...adding and subtracting different blocks from a building.

Rhyming Riddles: We made up different riddles as a group. Very similar to the classic "I Spy" game.

Letters, Letters, Letters: We made our names with ABC rubber stamps.

Patterns: After discussion and demonstration, the kids made their own patterns on paper with crayons. We kept these for assessment purposes.


A Chair for My Mother: It's about a family saving up money to buy a special chair.

House, Sweet House: This one is about all different types of houses all over the world.


Make up some riddles: For example "I am thinking of something that goes on your head that rhymes with cat." Kids have fun trying to answer and create basic rhyming riddles.

Use household objects to make patterns. Something fun to do with socks as you put laundry away!


We love the excitement with this program. The kids really enjoy it. We have now done S, A, and T.


You should have received the calendar. Watch for the bag to come home the Friday before your child's day! This month's topic is "Tell me about a time you visited a building or structure." Remember...the bag will come home the Friday BEFORE your week! Thanks so much!


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Anyone in construction wanting to come talk to the kids???? Please contact us if so!


Weather is changing. We DO go outside everyday unless weather is really yucky! Please dress your kids accordingly.

Please label all new fall jackets. Kids know their clothes at home, but get easily confused when they have a cubby area of so many different coats and bags!

Extra clothes in the backpacks need to be updated seasonally!