Weekly Roar

Week ending September 19


Please remember that your students should be monitored at all times. We understand that nature calls or that you are accidentally short on copies every once in a while. Have your hallway partner stand in between your classrooms in the hallway, going back and forth, to check on the students.

Fire Drill Feedback

Not too shabby for our first drill of the year! Here are a few reminders for future emergency evacuations and drills:

  • Don't forget your walkies and put them on channel 2. Everyone had theirs this time! Woohoo!
  • Once all in your grade level are outside and each teacher has done a head count, please announce that "<insert grade level> is clear."
  • If you have students who are missing, please do not assume they made it to the library or office. Say, "Billy Bob went to the bathroom/library/office and is not in my class line." Hopefully someone will say, "I have Billy Bob." If not, we shall go save said missing Billy Bob.

Our next drill will be mid-October.

Upcoming Events

Fri, Sept. 19 - Dollar Days: Dress like a Pirate ARGHHH, matey.

Mon, Sept. 22 - Window opens for PDAS Observations.

Our plan is to complete these earlier than in the past.

Tues, Sept 23 - Dodd Spirit Night at Marco's Pizza

Wed, Sept. 24 - Early dismissal at 12:30 for professional development.

This time will be utilized for team planning or simply updating yourself with all of the "new."

Fri, Sept. 26 - Celebrate Reading Day!

Please remind your students and parents throughout the week. We may have badges for full class participation and best teacher costumes!

Classroom Website Page

Be sure that you have completed the required information on your webpages. We will have to go back in and check them periodically.

A Little Reminder

It's been a stressful start of the year for many, and I know many begin to "jokingly" question why they went into education. It's hard.

Here's a little video to remind you that "what you make" is very important. It's an oldie, but goodie.

What Teachers Make Final Moviebk2 0001

Branch Byte: Reading is Fundamental (RIF)

RIF is the nation's largest nonprofit children's literacy organization. They have two websites that help to promote reading in children.

Learning to Read looks like it serves preschool students, but there are some things that are appropriate for our primary grades. It has videos that lead children in stories, finger plays, and more. In addition, they have a "grown up" section that has activities and tips for parents in regards to literacy. This site also is available in Espanol!

Reading Planet is aimed toward your 2nd through 5th graders, or students who are able to read. It has polls, author spotlights, activities, games, etc. that can help to connect and engage your reader. This site also has a monthly printable calendar of activities students can do at home to help build literacy. Since I was not a homework-giver, and I had parents who insisted that their children had something to do at home, I would point them toward these calendars.