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January 15, 2015

Goal for the Week: Good Citizenship and Mutual Respect

Lead 2021, Strategic Objective # 3. All members of the GCISD family will promote good citizenship and demonstrate mutual respect.

Strategic Objective three echoes one of the many messages promoted by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As a campus we promote good citizenship through Rachel's Challenge, developing a classroom environment built on trust, and displaying respect for all. As we know, our students are like sponges that soak up everything they see and hear happening around them. Even when we think they aren't listening or watching, they can still tell us almost everything we just said or did! Thank you for nurturing our students daily and for being role models they can emulate.

As you enjoy your well deserved three day weekend, remember the message of MLK Jr. (see Kid President's perspective below)! Looking forward to seeing each of you next week as we continue to promote good citizenship, demonstrate mutual respect, and encourage our students to dream.

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President


  • 100% of staff present on Thursday!!! Thank you for continuing to let your team and Jamie and/or Tonya know if you are going to be off campus.

  • Great us of chatter pics in 1st grade to demonstrate knowledge of 3D figures!

  • Way to go 4th grade for using Smore to communicate with families!

  • Excellent tech PLCs and vertical teams on Tuesday! Lots of sharing of ideas for seamless integration of technology!

  • Nurse Rebecca represented BES in the latest Excellence in Education video!

  • Thank you Tamela for organizing after school honor patrol!

  • Excellent weekly goal setting in 3rd grade!

  • Thank you Brittany for starting our day with a laugh!!!


  • Bricks 4 Kidz, an after school club teaching science technology, engineering, and math using Legos, is starting at BES on Tuesday, February 2. For more information, see www.bricks4kidz.com/412

  • PTA is gaging interest for a Girls on the Run program on Monday and Friday afternoons. They will have some information for parents on Thursday night at PTA. Be looking for more details as I receive them.

  • DFW Science Mini-CAST Saturday, February 20th in Frisco ISD: Mini-CAST is a mini-conference which takes place during the course of one day in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It is a one-day version of the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching. This year, the conference is being held in Frisco on Saturday, February 20, 2016. Presentations are related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education and is attended by science teachers, administrators, supervisors, and vendors. Information on the conference

    In order to register TWO forms must be completed online:

    Form to request payment from GCISD

    Form to register with event organizers - Select the $25 option and the pay with check option

    BOTH forms must be completed by the end of the day, Friday January 29th in order to have time to process a check and payment by the registration deadline.

  • January is School Board Appreciation Month. This year's theme is "Super Heroes for Schools". We will recognize our board members the end of January. More information to come.

Remember to... Check this list, check it twice!

  • Let Jamie know how you plan on celebrating the 100th day of school on February 5.
  • Let Jamie know your Tech Night plans (see above).
  • Sign up for the Fillie Trot, if interested (see above)
  • Mark your calendars for teacher TELPAS training on Monday, February 1.
  • Mark your calendars for Kendra Scott Spirit Night on Monday, February 1.
  • Apply for summer school if you are interested.
  • If you are interested in teaching summer enrichment, contact Cindy Pearson.
  • Host student goal review and update conversations as for students to reflect on progress and adjust and redefine as necessary.
Excellence in Education: How Your Dollar Is Spent In GCISD


January 19: Bring your extension/enrichment activities as discussed on January 5 addressing PLC question number 4.

January 26: RtI Reading

February Student Led Conferences

Mark your calendars for spring student led conferences on Wednesday, February 17 and Thursday, February 18. As you begin planning, please keep the following times available on Wednesday, February 17 to post-conference with Alyssa and Trent, our writing workshop presenters:

12:15 - 1:00 K and 3

1:05 - 1:55 1 and 4

2:00 - 2:45 2 and 5

More information to come regarding both student led conferences and professional learning plans for February.

Spring Creek Spirit Night

Thank you to each of you for volunteering your time to serve rolls, take trays, fill drinks, and mingle with our terrific Texans during Spring Creek Spirit Night on Tuesday, January 26. Please mark your calendars for your shifts. If your names was not drawn out of the hat, please come enjoy some tasty food and fabulous company!

5:00 - 5:30

Brittany Chapman

Jan Gribbon

5:30 - 6:00

Connie Singletary

Susan Anderson

6:00 - 6:30

Abbey King

Nancy Konecki

Judith Little

6:30 - 7:00

Sue Atkins

Denise Romo

Shelly Sartin

7:00 - 7:30

Jeanette Hill

Al Kaufmann

Corrie Kaufmann

7:30 - 8:00

Nancy Cairns

Tonya McEnery

Jamie Halliburton

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Week at a Glance

What's going on around BES this week?


Happy Birthday Nancy K.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day Observed

Student and Staff Holiday


Happy Birthday Hayden & Wendy

Grade-Level PLCs in Lisa's Room

CEC 3:10 p.m. in the Library


Second Day of Fitness Force! If you are planning on participating in Fitness Force for your Work Out Wednesday, please enjoy wearing warm ups/sweat pants.


Kindergarten Firefighter Visit

PTA & Parent Tech Night 6:30 p.m.


Spirit Day

4th Grade Growth & Development Presentation


Happy Birthday Judith

Where in the World...

My goal is to keep you abreast of my intended calendar to the best of my ability. Here's a two week preview.

1/18: Student and Staff Holiday

1/19: BES :)

1/20: Principal Meting a.m.

1/21: BES :) PTA 6:30 p.m., Tech Night Following

1/22: BES :)

1/25: Tech Meeting a.m.

1/26: Admin a.m., Spring Creek Night

1/27: BES :)

1/28: BES :)

1/29: BES :)