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Questions or Concerns?

Please call the school office with any questions or concerns. Our faculty and administration would love to hear from you.
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Upcoming CHS Events


5- Accuplacer

5- Jostens Ring Orders in the Lobby 11 AM - 5 PM

7- Military Ball at Community Center 6:00 - 10:00

12- Seniors Last Day

12- Celebration of Excellence

16- 9:30 AM Senior Walk at Elementary Schools

19- Life Impact Diplomas

20- Graduation

23–7th period Exam

24–2nd, 4th, & 6th period Exams

25–1st, 3rd, and 5th period Exams

26–last day students can use for make-up work/exams

26- Students Last Day of School

26- Students Last Day

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Junior ACT Score

As juniors learn the results of the ACT Exam that was taken on March 1st, many parents may be wondering "what do the results mean?" To learn more about your students ACT scores, click on the link below.

Using Your ACT Results

Nine-Week Exams

Students in grades 7-12 will be assessed using nine-week exams at the end of each grading period as opposed to a semester exam. Test Weighting – The value of a nine-week exam will be equal to the test of the greatest weight in the same quarter in a particular class. Therefore, the weight of the exam will vary between teachers but will more closely correspond to the weight of other tests given in each individual class.

  • Monday, May 23rd - 7th period Exam
  • Tuesday, May 24th - 2nd, 4th & 6th period Exams
  • Wednesday, May 25th - 1st, 3rd and 5th period Exams
  • Thursday, May 26th - The last day for students, can be used for make-up work/exams

College Signings

  • Final college signing day of the year is Wednesday, May 4 at 11:30pm in the arena.

Cole Eason (Wrestling), Landon Hardister (Swim), Micah Morrison (Football)

Baylee Jost (Track), Karis Martin (Track), Brianna Garriga (Softball), Adreya Braddy (Softball) ,Paige Peirpoint (Softball), Hayden Prewitt (Baseball), Conner Titus (Baseball), Eliza Derryberry (Volleyball).

ACT Summer Prep

The Cabot School District will be offering an ACT Summer Prep Class to upcoming seniors. The class is open to students from Cabot High School and the Cabot Panther Academy. The ACT Prep class will start on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, and end on Friday, July 15, 2022. Students will meet daily at the high school during these two weeks beginning at 8:00 A.M. and ending at noon. For more information click on the link below.

ACT Summer Prep

CHS Golf

Tryouts for the 2022 CHS Golf team will be May 2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th and 11th. You must have a 2.0 GPA, a current sports physical and fill out the google questionnaire to try out. If you have any questions, email

2022 Summer School

Summer school information has been released. Click on the link below to learn more.

2022 CPS Summer School

Boy's Baseball Tryouts

Boys Basketball Try-Outs: May 17-19 after school 3:30-4:30 in the Old High School Gym. For incoming 10-12 grade students Bring shoes and water.

Zero Hour

CHS Zero Hour, 7:50-8:25 AM, M-F, was added to the CHS daily schedule a few years ago. Its purpose is to help your student be successful! This time should be utilized by students to ask questions, finish homework and/or makeup work quizzes and tests they may have missed due to absences or other school activities. If your student is failing a class, then he/she should be attending Zero Hour for that particular class in an effort to raise the grade.

Parking Passes

Parking Passes purchased online can be picked up during Zero Hour (7:50-8:25) and both lunches. Students needing to purchase a parking pass can still purchase it online, or may do so in the front office, but you will need to get the parking pass form in the office before buying one filled out and signed by parents during Zero Hour and both lunches. Passes are $25. If you have a parking permit and you get to school late you may have to park across the street in the sophomore parking lot if no spots are available in the main parking lot.

Top 10 Announcements for Seniors!

1. 2022 CHS Graduation

The countdown to Cabot High School’s graduation is on! Seniors who have met all graduation requirements will walk across the stage at Simmons Bank Arena, May 20, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. to accept their diplomas. For all of the graduation details, please click on the both attachments. If you still have questions after reading all of the information, please contact Angela Beason, graduation coordinator at

2. Final Transcripts - IMPORTANT!

Most colleges, universities and vocational schools require a final 8 semester transcript that includes the graduation date from high school. Seniors should fill out the online transcript request form on the main CHS webpage NOW asking for it to be sent to the institution of his/her choice. Students should also consider signing the bottom of the transcript request to allow a parent/guardian to come in at a later time and request transcripts if needed. This is very helpful if a student moves away or transfers schools. If a parent/guardian does not have consent to request a transcript, the student is the only one who can access that information.

3. Senior Chromebook Program

This is being sent to CHS Seniors today-

As you may know, students who graduate from the Cabot High School are able to keep their assigned Chromebooks upon graduation. While we were not able to just give them away due to certain state regulations, the Cabot School Board has approved a resolution to allow you to purchase your Chromebook from the district for $10. What you have to decide before proceeding through the steps outlined below is if you would like to purchase your assigned Chromebook and have us remove all district management policies from that Chromebook or if you would like to return your Chromebook to the District. Once purchased, the device would be yours and unmanaged by the district or its policies.

Steps you will need to take ON OR BEFORE May 20th:

  1. Fill out THE SENIOR CHROMEBOOK PROGRAM FORM via email. This step needs to be done whether you are purchasing your Chromebook or not.
  2. Visit the CHS Media Center and either:
    1. Pay for your Chromebook and receive your receipt of purchase.
    2. Turn your Chromebook into a school representative in the Media Center and have your name checked off the list.

On or around May 20th, all Chromebooks assigned to seniors will either be taken off of district policy to be used or they will be disabled and become unusable depending on your form responses.

4. Graduation Practice

All seniors planning to participate in the graduation ceremony MUST ATTEND the graduation practice the morning of May 20th. Students should be at the Cabot High School Arena no later than 7:45 AM on Friday morning. All students will ride the bus to and from graduation practice. Please do not schedule any appointments for seniors before 1:00 PM that day.

5. Cap and Gown

All students should have made arrangements for a cap and gown at this point in the school year. Students can still order a cap and gown by going to Josten's website listed below. Students who can not afford a cap and gown for graduation should see Angela Beason, their school counselor or a trusted teacher.

6. Arkansas Lottery Scholarship

Seniors are eligible for the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship if they have a composite score of 19 on the American College Test (ACT). Students should have already applied or be in the process of applying for this scholarship now, and the deadline for application is July 1, 2022. Below are a few tips about this scholarship.

  • The Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed as a part of the lottery scholarship. Even if the student does not or will not qualify for federal aid, the FAFSA still must be completed to receive the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship.
  • Once the application for the lottery scholarship has been completed, it is very important that students check the email account he/she used when applying. The student should receive an email listing the status of the scholarship. The email might indicate more or specific information is needed to complete the application.
  • If the email says "Pending Acceptance," the student must log on to their application and formally accept the scholarship. Students who neglect this step, will not receive the Arkansas Challenge/Lottery Scholarship.
  • To learn more about the Arkansas Scholarship Programs, criteria for application and the award amounts click on the link. AR Scholarship Programs for HS Seniors
  • Click on the link to go to the Arkansas Lottery Application. Students should click on the green Yes circle button to begin the application process. Arkansas Lottery Scholarship

7. Reimagine Arkansas Workforce Project

The Reimagine Arkansas Workforce Project offers free online career training to qualifying Arkansans at no cost. This free training is provided by the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services and U of A Professional and Workforce Development, and is funded by a federal grant. Free job training is an excellent opportunity for those who want to invest their time and effort toward a better future. Interested people can learn more and apply online.

The project offers:

  • 15 career fields and over 100 training programs to choose from
  • A simple, online application for grant eligibility
  • Training at no cost to those who qualify
  • The ability to create a free SmartResume® account with IDatafy and be connected with employers searching for talent

The following individuals are encouraged to apply:

  • Arkansas residents (or residents of a neighboring state who work in Arkansas)
  • 18 years of age or older
  • If male, registered for Selective Service (if you are not registered, you can register before applying) or exempt
  • Eligible to work in the U.S.

8. Career Search

  • The Arkansas Department of Workforce Services (ADWS) is a great resource for students who want to get a job after high school. ADWS can be very helpful when searching for employment opportunities and job fairs. Some individuals choose to earn a Career Readiness Certificate which can help them find higher paying jobs. To learn more, click on the link. ADWS

9. The Final Countdown!

Thursday, May 12th

10. Important Dates for Seniors

Important Dates

May 12 ~ Seniors Last Day

May 12 ~ Senior Celebration of Excellence

May 16 ~ Elementary School Walk

May 19 ~ Life Impact Diplomas, Seniors

May 20 ~ Graduation

Student Success Center Sessions

The CHS Student Success Center is offering a variety of help sessions for students throughout the school year. If your student needs help registering for the ACT or preparing for the ACT, he/she needs to see Mrs. Kim Passini in room 1105 to determine days to meet during Zero Hour. If your student wants to go to college and will be the first in the family to attend college then the "College? First Generation College Students" is perfect for your student. Please encourage your students to take advantage of these Zero Hour sessions.

  • ACT Registration Help- Students should contact Mrs. Kim Passini
  • ACT Test Prep- Students should contact Mrs. Kim Passini

Grades and Attendance

Now is a great time to check your student's grades and attendance through the Home Access Center (HAC). You can click on the link below to log in. Remember to change the district to Cabot. If you do not have your login information for HAC, please call or email Angela Walls or Shannon Key. As long as your phone number/email address matches what is in the school's system, your HAC login information will be given to you. CHS Student Success Center 501-842-3562.

Home Access Center (HAC)

Accuplacer Dates for this year:

May 5

Check your email for registration a week before each test date. If you have questions, email Ms. Weir or your counselor, or come by the Media Center.

Student Handbook

Students reviewed the Cabot Public School Student Handbook during their English class. To read, review and print out the CPS Student Handbook, click on the link below.

CPS Student Handbook 2021-2022

Important Numbers

CHS Attendance Fax # 501.743-3583

CHS School Nurse Fax # 501-743-3582

Student ID

If you need a new student ID, stop by the Media Center zero hour, during lunch or after school. If you still have yours from last year you can use that.

2021-2022 Student Calendar

Click HERE to see the 2020-2021 Student Calendar.

Please charge your chromebooks each night!

Students should be bringing their Chromebooks to school each day charged and ready to use. Students are expected to bring their school issued Chromebook fully charged and ready to use every morning to school. Please remind your student to charge their Chromebooks at night. If there is a problem with your school issued chromebook, bring it by the CHS Media Center.


Go to to order today.

Home Access Center (HAC)

In order to check your student's grades and attendance through the Home Access Center (HAC), you can log in at the link below. Be sure to change the district to Cabot. If you would like to receive real time notices about absences and grades for your students, you can set up alerts. To do that, log in and put your cursor in the upper right corner on your name. A drop box should appear. If you click on My Alerts you can set up these notices to be sent to your email or phone.

Home Access Center

CHS Bell Schedule 2021-2022

Zero Hour-7:50-8:25

1st Period- 8:30-9:18

2nd Period-9:24-10:15

3rd Period- 10:21-11:09

1st Lunch- 11:09-11:41

4A Perid- 11:15-12:02

2nd Lunch-12:02-12:34

4B Period-11:47-12:34

5th Period- 12:40-1:27

6th Period-1:33-2:20

7th Period-2:26-3:13

Student Athletes

Any student athlete who aspires to play sports in college must register with the National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA. It is recommended that students register with NCAA during their Sophomore year of high school. NCAA registration is the student's responsibility. To learn more about NCAA and the student registration process, click on the link below.

NCAA Student Registration

CHS fax number for all medical and excuse notes (501-743-3583)

CHS Check Out Policy

  • CHS students will be allowed to check out with a parent/guardian note only. A parent/guardian phone number will need to be included on the checkout note for verification purposes.

  • ***No phone call checkouts will be allowed because of safety concerns.

CHS is a closed campus and we strongly discourage students from checking out at lunch. This typically causes unnecessary tardies and classroom interruptions. If a student is checking out at lunch, a parent/guardian must physically come in and sign the student out and them back in from lunch.

Only a parent/guardian is allowed to drop lunch off for a student. If a parent/guardian is dropping off lunch for a student, there will be a table (outside the office) with a sharpie for the students name to be written on it. Students should know in advance that lunch is being dropped off to them.

Important Numbers

Save these in your phone in case you or a friend should ever need them.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Crisis Text Line

Text HELLO to 741-741

Panther Tip Line

Did you know that anyone can make a report on the Panther Tip Line. You or a student can submit a report or concern in any of these categories: Bullying, Drugs, Fighting, Safety Risk, Vandalism, a Personal Crisis and more. All personal information is kept confidential. To learn more, click on the link below.

Panther Tip Line

Online Payment Store

Did you know that Cabot Public Schools is now providing an easy to use solution for online payments? It's called RevTrak , and this web store allows you to make payments online for high school clubs, activity fees and more. This convenient options saves time, reduces trips to the school office, and eliminates the need to send cash or check with your students. All it takes is a few clicks. To learn more about RevTrak click on the website below.

Student Success Center

Please click on the link below for scholarship information, college announcements, financial aid resources and miscellaneous announcements.

Click Here to Check your Student's Grades

Need a login? Check in counseling center.

Attendance concerns?

Students with attendance concerns please check with Amber Rowland in High School Office or via email @

Principal and Counselor Assignments by student last name:

Principal Assignments

Tim Harrison- A-Cross

SueAnn Whisker- Crouch-Ha

Michael Falcinelli- He-Mc

Adam Koehler- Shi-Z

Nicole Gatewood- CTE/STEM Coordinator

Alana Graham- Student Success Coordinator Me-She

Henry Hawkins - Principal

Counselor Assignments

Ryan Davenport - A-Cross

Jeanette DeJesus- Crouch-Ha

Julie Wilson - He-Mc

Jayne Snyder - Me-She

Kimberly Passini 501 & Student Assessment Coordinator

Kim Gibson - Shi-Z

Need to Contact Us?

If you would like to email one of our fabulous faculty members like Mrs. Kester, all you will need to know is their first and last name and add For example, Mrs. Kester's email is