Fraction Stations

May 16-20

Center 1- Days of Fractions

Use this time to complete the Days of Fractions packet that we started in class.

*Days 1-8 are due on Friday*

Center 2- Fraction Pizza Game

Follow the directions and play Fractions Pizza with your group.

Center 3- Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Camping

Complete the sheet found in drawer #2 on Multiplying and dividing fractions. SHOW ALL WORK.
Complete ALL math BEFORE you begin to color.

Coloring code sheets may be found on the back bookshelf. DO NOT write on these. Return them to the bookshelf at the end of the day.

*This is due on Friday*

Center 4- Fraction Word Problems

Take a Fraction word problem sheet from drawer #3 and get started.

*This is due on Friday*

Center 5- Adding and Subtracting fractions Task Cards

Complete these TASK CARDS. Record your answers on the answer sheet found in drawer #1

*This is due on Friday*

Early Finishers

If you finish early you may play the following games:

Fraction games