Welcome to New York

The official tour

Welcome to Broadway!

Welcome to Broadway, where the world's biggest theaters are located! From Peter and the Starcatchers to The Lion King, this place has it all! Its orgins come from ancient Greece, where the first plays were written in honor of Dionysus. They also had a form of competition where they were judged on their playwrights. This is still happening today, also known as award shows. From ancient Greece to 2013, this is a must see!
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Our next stop is the Metropolitan Museum. This is a must-see for all New Yorkers! Not only does it have great works, but it also shows a great example of ancient Greek architecture. The columns used to make this building is the corinthian column. It has leaves at the top. This stop will give you an enjoyable time with history and the architecture with the columns.
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Our last stop...the Giants stadium!

As with the saying best for last, our last stop certainly is one of the best! Though the sports we play today didn't originate from ancient Greece, Greece brought sports to our importance and it was definitely for the better! I hope you enjoyed our tour of New York, these sites must be seen before you cross of that last item on your bucket list!