Media and the Impact on Body Image

Eating Disorders

Body Image and Beauty

My definition of body image is how you feel about yourself and your body. Beauty can be anything that you personally think is good looking or stands out to the eye.

How Media Effects Body Image

Body images are shaped by the public by commercials and the media. They say that you have to be tall, skinny and in shape or you don't fit in. To avoid judging people just don't base your thoughts on what the media says.

10 Facts on Eating Disorders

  1. Eating disorders are categorized as mental illnesses
  2. They can be genetic or caused by psychological issues
  3. Approximately 24 million people U.S struggle with an eating disorder
  4. Only 10% of people receive treatment
  5. On a college campus, 91% of the women admitted to controlling their weight
  6. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder
  7. 50% of girls and 30% of guys said they used unhealthy ways to control their weight
  8. 25% of college girls use bingeing purging to mange their weight
  9. Men make up 15% of the population with anorexia
  10. 69% of girls ages 10 to 18 confirm that photographs of models and celebrities in magazines inspired their desired body shape

5 Ways to Improve Body Image

  • Be confident in yourself
  • Say positive instead of negative things
  • Stay busy
  • Work out to boost self esteem
  • Don't base your body off of the media
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