My Best Technology Work 2014-2015

Alyssa Spencer


On this project I did a biography on Marlilyn Monroe. I had learned a significant amount of facts and things about her and who she was. I learned more things using this website for my biography on her. The work i had put into that project and time into it make sure i covered everything that was required.

Photo Editing

For this project we edited four pictures, only three are featured below. The one not featured is the one of myself. In this project I learned how going in depth of photo editing works. I knew the basic filters, but in these I learned how to tweak things and make them look completely different. I think this is one of my best projects because of my results of my pictures and how I had changed things and learned to do with things in the pictures.

Canva Project

With this project we made two posters and one being featured here. This one being my favorite seeming i made it unique using my own picture I had taken. I learned the website and how to use it. I think it is one of my best projects being I like this one and I had made it so that it follows the requirements for it.
Big image
Word Cloud Project

With this project we were assigned to pick a word that would fit for the question that was asked and type it a certain amount of times and put them into this site. I think this is one of my best because of how it turned out.

Thematic Project

For this project it was to make a little slide show of things, and i chose to do inspirational quotes. I learned how things on this site works and how you have to get through the site. I think it is one of my best because of how the turn out was on it and I had many issues with this project but I found a way to get through it and make it work.