Apple is the best phone store

They make a lot of great iphones

Apple vs Samsung

Apple has been in business since 1976. Apple make great phones and a i phone 6 cost $109 to get fix if broken. Apple was found on April 1st, 1976 by Steven Paul jobs, Steven Gary Wozniak and Ronald Gerald Wayne. They sold stuff the raise money for there new company. Apple was called apple computer , Inc. for the first 30 years and then they changed it to apple Inc. on January 9, 2007 then they got the business making computers and phones and it has been going on since 1976-2016 and they are still in business today.

Samsung has been in business over 70 years. Samsung has good phones too but if u break it will cost $269 to get it fix. Samsung is made up of around 80 companies and employees over 370,000 people. Samsung's electronic ambitions began in 1970 with a black and white TV, Mobile began in 1986 with a car phone. They made there first phone in 1996 (CDMA) and made the first watch in 1999 and then they upgraded the phones and watches years after that and they are still making new phones and watches today in 2016.