The final Journey

A list of things to accomplish before I kick the bucket

Matsuo Basho once said, 'Every day is a journey and the journey itself is home.' I believe that when you die, you take nothing except your experiences and your memories, you leave behind all your belongings. Which is why I want to spend my life travelling the world, meeting different people, experiencing different cultures and seeing the beautiful world. I want to experience everything the world has to offer and let the road be my home. This is why my bucket list does not only involve things I would like to do before I die, instead it sets up the way I wish to live my life and the endless journey I must take to fulfill my dreams. Mostly I would like to take part in adventure, recreation and culture tourism all over the world. This includes visiting historic sites or taking part in great festivals over the world. I am deeply interested in countries such as Peru, Spain and Scotland that are filled with great cultural treasures rich histories and natural beauty.

1) Visit all 195 countries of the world

My biggest goal in life is to experience the lives of other people and other places around the world. I want to travel all over the world and visit every single country. This will allow me to see the history that the world holds, the people that lived there and the stories that took place there. This is also an important goal for me because it is not an easily achievable dream and since it will take such a long time, the goal itself will become my life. This way, no matter what happens in life I will always have something to work towards. Even if I have a family one day, I would be able to carry on this goal with my family. Travelling all over the world to see each and every country is not just something I would like to do in my life, it is in fact the way I would like to live my life. This is why this is the top choice on my bucket list.

2) Adventure Sports in New Zealand

I want to overcome my Acrophobia, fear of heights, and Aqua phobia, fear of water, by experiencing adventure sports such as hand gliding, sky diving and scuba diving in New Zealand. This is important to me because doing these sports will help me get past my fears that hold me back from enjoying some amazing things.

3) Visit Pompeii

I have always been interested in the history of different places and Pompeii is a place with rich history and much to explore. I wish to see the ruins of this old city and experience the remains of the great tragedy in my life. It will allow me to learn about the city's great past and see it for myself. A few examples of remains from Pompeii can be seen in the pictures.

4) Visit the Carnival in Brazil

Like the picture shows, the bright colors, dancing bodies, cheerful faces and extravagant costumes of the carnival are a must see sight for any soul. Which is why I would like to visit the carnival and take part in one of the biggest celebrations in Brazil, the carnival. A rough idea can be taken of the huge magnitude of this festival from the picture below. Thousands of people attend this event and it is a festival filled with colors, bright lights and a lot of excitement.
Big image

5) Visit La Tomatina in Spain

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Along with the carnival, one of the most celebrated festivals in the world is La Tomatina in Spain. I want to visit Spain and take part in what is known as 'the world's biggest food fight'. It is enjoyed by thousands of people and everything about the event is care-free, inviting and exciting. This is why it is on my bucket list. The video below shows an insight into the festival as a tourist would experience it. The host is amazed, excited and a little shocked by the people and the traditions of the festival. Thousands of people come into the streets and wait for the trucks to bring in the tomatoes so the fight can begin. Once the fight starts everyone is included and for a while all gender, race, religion, cultural and any other differences are forgotten as everyone gets covered from head to toe in tomatoes. The video also helps out the traveler by given directions to the city and other information needed.
La Tomatina, Tomato Food Fight in Bunol, Spain - Who? What? When? Where? Travel Yourself

5) Catch a last minute flight to a random destination

When you get too busy with your job, your family, your bills, your friends and your everyday life, you get too comfortable and never try anything exciting. For once in my life, I want to leave behind everything that holds me down, pack a bag and get on a last minute flight to a random destination to keep life exciting.
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7) Explore the castles in Scotland

A country filled with rich history and culture, Scotland is a heaven waiting to be explored. As mentioned already I am interested in learning and experiencing the history of places, which is why exploring many of the castles in Scotland is on my list.