Sammy Davis Jr.

Who Was Sammy Davis Jr?

How it all started for Sammy

Sammy Davis Jr. was born in Harlem, New York in December 8th 1925. At the Beginning of Sammy's career he was an amazing tap dancer and that was what started him out. His first performance was when he was only 3 years of age. He was very energetic and people loved to see him perform.

Sammy's early days

It was hard for him because he was black and this all took place during the segregation times but he proved he could do it. He really didn't think about color because even though interracial marriages were illegal in 31 states he still married a famous white Swedish actor named May Britt. Together they had 1 daughter and adopted 2 boys. But their marriage only lasted 8 years. Back on segregation it didn't affect his acting life either because he was in the golden boy.

Sammy's road blocks to fame

Some of the things that got in his way were segregation. Another one was when he got in a really bad car crash that shattered his face and basically ruined his left eye. It was a road block in his way but that didn't stop him because after his recover he went right back to acting and it kept going up hill. An interesting thing that happened was during his recovery from the car crash he changed his religion and converted in to Judaism.

How is Sammy Davis Influincial

He is so influential because the way he acted. He was always himself and always seemed super energetic and people felt like it was contagious. Not only was he a great singer and energetic like I have said many times he cared for everyone and wanted everyone to be treated the same. He influences me today about how he used to do things and how he turned everything on and off the stage. Because not only was he a good dancer and singer, he was also very helpful by donating and taking time off to help people

Sammy's older age

Twords the end of his life he remarried to a famous dancer named Actaviece Gore. He retired dancing but still acted in many movies. As a life long smoker, Sammy Davis became diagnosed with cancer. And a couple years later he died on May 16 1990 at the age of 61. From all the amazing things Sammy has done some will remember him as one of the greatest entertainers to touch down on earth.