Toddlers Class News

Miss Carrie and Miss Barbara

Week of November 4th

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend! Last week we started with the letter G and I introduced Gordo Gorilla to them. The zoo phonic saying is Gordo Gorilla loves to eat bananas g g g g. We also played with a mouse and they would have it run up the clock as I recited Hickory Dickory Dock. We placed the clock on the floor and I moved their bodies to make a certain time. I got some really fun pictures. Brown day was last Monday and I am trying to get them to know the color brown. They seem to be stuck on the last color-orange.

This week it is really going to be cold so please don't forget the jackets. And a huge thanks for all of you remembering your feathers!!!!

Toddlers Thanksgiving Feast

Monday, Nov. 18th 2013 at 12pm

Room 117

We are going to do a little feast for our toddlers. This is not a parent and toddler event as most of them would fall apart when you left. We just wanted to celebrate with our toddlers seeing that they are not included in the Thanksgiving feast on that Wednesday.
Here is what we need from you. I need some of you to bring in food that is toddler friendly. I have put a list together and you may email me back or tell me tomorrow what you would like to bring. Here is the list and please let me know if you I forgot anything.

Turkey slices
Mac and Cheese
green beans
7 Apple sauces (single serving cups or pouch)
7 Apple Juices
Pumpkin Pie or another dessert (jello????)
mashed potatoes or mashed sweet potatoes

We do have one food allergy and I was hoping whoever signs up for mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes that you could use almond milk instead of milk and do not add butter. I will add butter for those who can have it. I also realize your child might not eat some of this...just pack a lunch that day or bring extra things that they like. Barbara and I will bring whatever is signed up for. I promise to take lots of pictures as they all will be sitting at the table:)