Joseph Rogers Primary School

January 19, 2016

The Fundamental 5...week 2

As I said last week, I will be writing for five weeks on the book The Fundamental 5: The Formula for Quality Instruction. Last week was all about Framing the Lesson. I hope you spent some time this past week making a conscious effort to frame your lesson for students. If so, you are well on your way to making a difference in students education.

The Fundamental 5 is as follows

  1. Frame the Lesson
  2. Work in the Power Zone
  3. Frequent, Small-Group, Purposeful Talk about the Learning
  4. Recognize and Reinforce
  5. Write Critically

This week is all about working in the "Power Zone".

Simply put, the Power Zone is teaching or monitoring in close proximity to one student, or a small group of students, or the entire classroom full of students.

Basically, you are wherever the students are!

Three Positive Outcomes of working in the power zone.

On task behaviors increase

Discipline issues decrease
Student retention of the content increases

The three most common places teachers teach from worst to best.

  1. From the teachers work area (desk or computer area)
  2. The Lecture Position – aka the “Sage on the Stage” at the front center of the room or the side of the room
  3. The “Power Zone” – Right in the middle of the action!

It is up to you to decide what is important to you. Is it important that you are sitting down and checking emails or having students line up at your desk with their work or is student learning your most desirable outcome? If learning is the outcome then work in the power zone!

If you are working in the power zone then you will be able to

  • Address unwanted behavior immediately
  • Manage transitions
  • Connect with students personally
  • Show genuine interest
  • Promote equitable learning
  • Build rapport faster
  • Monitor and adjust personal instruction
  • Answer Questions
  • Provide immediate feedback
  • Differentiate when needed
  • Provide clarification

I truly believe that every single person in this school wants students to learn, are we all willing to be up and working the Power Zone to increase our students achievement.

Let's make this a week of consciously working the "Power Zone",


Calendar of Events

fun times at jrp

January 20 - we will have visitors from Kingsport City Schools

January 21 - faculty meeting

January 24-30 - School Board Appreciation Week

January 26-27 - Lori at Principal's Academy

January 27 - 100th day of school

February 3 - 4.5 meetings during planning

February 9 - Coffee with the counselor (topic - attendance)

February 9 or 10 - Monitoring in cafeteria

February 11 - Progress Reports

February 12 - popcorn and drink and JRP shirt


Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.

- Kid President