Semana 4, Día 3

Progress Report Information

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to Walston, Jordan, Aidan, Cecelia, Ashna and Isaac for reporting 100% on their Participation Progress Report!

Avisos: Progress Reports and Peer Tutoring Center

Ok. So the overall averages were reporting low in an unrepresentative of performance way. So in the end, the Progress Reports are reporting your participation average which includes the Getting Started assignments. The next Progress Report in two weeks will then average in Getting Started section plus Unit 1. Again, to see how you are doing, open your Grades tab and see your individual assignment grades.

Peer Tutoring Center Wednesday!

Be sure to go to Peer Tutoring and ask a tutor there one question. Then text or message me what you asked and what the answer was. You can find Peer Tutoring in you

Lección: Unidad 1 Lección 4 Days of the week and months of the year

Click the link for a tutorial