Reef, Reindeer, and Readers

I am the luckiest teacher ever...

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Reef Expert, Mr. Sam Marsal

Mr. Sam came to talk with us about diving in the reef. He showed learners the gear that he uses and shared his experiences while diving. It was great!
staghorn coral
coral polyps
brain coral
great star coral
pillar coral

Mystery Reader

Thanks so much to Judah's mom for coming to be our Mystery Reader this week. I will be posting another Mystery Reader sign up after the break for next semester. You sweet parents have made it a hit!

The Holiday Bug

We had visitors to share a puppet show with us on Wednesday. It was interesting to see how the puppets are made. The puppeteers have special talents.
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Shared Reading

This week, we introduced a new writing skill, writing opinion pieces (W. 1.1). We read different stories about reindeer or similar characters. Learners chose their favorite character and provided supporting evidence for their choice. We used a planning template to help us organize our thoughts. They did great for their first try. We are going to continue working on this skill this week with different versions of the Gingerbread Man.

What made today great???

There were so many responses that brought me joy. Here is just one example!
what made today great

Canned Food Drive

Community 6 has been collecting cans to make sculptures and then donate to needy families. Our family (class) decided that a reasonable goal was 3 cans each, making our grand total 69 cans. As of today, we have 27 cans. Please help us reach our goal. Cans must be in by Wednesday! Thanks in advance!! Plus, this is an authentic reason to graph, add, and use equations.
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  • Our holiday party is Thursday, Dec. 17th from 12:30-1:15. Students will be sharing facts and a treat from the country that they were given. All are welcome to attend.
  • Don't forget Xtra Math for those that want to get ahead or just get prepared. I get a weekly report and congrats to the 6 learners who have already plunged forward. As always, I welcome your feedback. Another helpful app/site is Sumdog.
  • Dec. Activity Calendars are do this Friday OR the first day we get back from break. I sympathize with those who would like to bring closure to activities before break and those who would like extra things for learners to engage their thinking.
  • Jan. 5th-Learners return to school ready to Think, Innovate, and Create
  • Thank you for reinforcing being the best Patriot that you can be at home. I think the self-reflection forms really helped get our minds focused. We have four more fabulous day until break and LOTS to learn and do!