A long way gone

Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

Internal Characterization

I think that Ishmael Beah was going through a tough time at this point because he almost got killed, He had to work a lot, it was the last time he got to see his brothers/Friends and he had to survive alone out in the wilderness by himself. And he also saw an old man almost get killed.

Historical Connection

This connects to present day because this is worse than child labor but in the present day there is 168 Million children in child labor and he was in some sort of a child labor.


Unbearable- Unbearable is unable to endure or tolerate. Ishmael was unbearable because he was alone for a long time.

Sorrow- A feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, other misfortune cause by oneself or others. Ishmael was sorrow because he was worried of what lie ahead of him.


This all took place in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is in west Africa bordered by Guinea on the north Liberia on the south east and the Atlantic ocean on the west. And it has a population of 6.092 Million people.


Self vs Nature - Ishmael in the middle of chapter eight is against nature because when he got lost he had to find somewhere to stay things to eat and drink. But he doesn't have much food nor does he have a good place to sleep, he also got chased by wild hogs.

Self vs Man - This whole journey is about him against other people, because he is just trying to get away from all the bad people so he doesn't have to do horrible things.