Child labor in the ivory coast

Child labor in ivory coast collecting cocoa bean

Money and economics

There's high demands for chocolate ,there for cocoa makes up to 40 presents of the ivory coast exports but the farmers can't afford to pay there works so they use child labor.labor. There's not many workers that would work for little to no pay so the use kids as there main source of workers to grow different type of planets but companies like Hershey and nestle are trying to stop child labor in there products.

The children and there family's

The children don't get there education while working and also when harvesting with machetes the children commonly get injures.The children or workers are not getting payed which causes there family not being able to pay for school or basic thing like food water or clothing.


While harvesting cocoa they sometimes have to cut down trees to get to the cocoa beans.They are also use land for marketing purposes


The company should Give them a extra amount of money to hire adults that are qualified for working this job and maybe ask for a loan from the government and pay back there debt when they have enough money